Designing and development of websites, web applications, android applications and softwares is our job. We also develop and implement the marketing strategies for our products


Personalised Coupons and reward manager to help users find deals and discounts automatically using iBeacons.

Bikxie-Your Bike Taxi

Bikxie is the first two wheeler taxi company in the world to have such a feature.


Launched MUNpedia, a web based event directory for School and College events.

nBrowser-News Browser

World's first and only news browser. Browse 200+ newspapers across more than 10 languages.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is our old and classic puzzle game.

Volume Booster

With Volume booster, raise your phone's volume to maximum easily. This app helps you in avoiding hassles of hunting phone's settings.


Use flash of your phone as torch. Super bright flash light. App also provide functionality to enable flash alert for all incoming calls.

Call Recorder- Track all calls

App provide functionality to record, play and share conversations.

TweetCafe - Twitter vending machine

Event engagement tool designed to automatically give users gift by fetching their tweets in real time.

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